Kanban deals In APRO CRM you can monitor sales from the initial contact with a lead right to the successful deal closure. Apply the diversity of advanced settings to customize deals to your company business processes.

For instance, you would like to launch smart client alert about their deal stage. This is easily solved through CRM integrations with social media, company website, email and phone, that provide a wide range of client communication solutions.

You can detect weak points in your company sales funnels and use CRM-integrated reports for accurate deals analytics.

Create user instructions for each type of deals, program the robot for business processes automation — and let your colleagues enjoy closing deals by stages, employing the algorithms you created and not missing a single client request. Deal Card

Q & A

How exactly is deal processing automatized?

Our main objective is to ensure that any event involving a company employee is followed by a proper and timely reaction leading to sales increase and reduction of clients unsatisfied with customer service, which, consecutively, guarantees return customers. For example, if a commercial offer was emailed to a client from the CRM, opening this message by the recipient will automatically trigger a new task for sales manager: “Call the client back, while he is still interested”. You can find plenty of other scenarios in the “Library of business processes” and easily integrate them with deals in APRO CRM.


Is it possible to create multiple sales funnels?

Yes, a specific sales funnel is created for each type of deal. In addition to deal stages analytics, you can see the process of client activity conversion to successful deal stages. APRO CRM offers various types of sales funnels, displaying all key company metrics.


Is it possible to import deals into the CRM?

Yes, you can either resort to Excel format, or to API requests. There is also a number of applications especially designed for quick import of deals from other CRM systems.


Can I get selective analytics of a certain employee efficiency?

Yes, you can get this data from reports, or apply the relevant filters in sales funnels.


Does the CRM offer “digital” sales funnels?

In case this term is understood as integration with advertising channels (such as Google AdWords, Facebook or YouTube) and retargeting for leads, this option is surely available, being only one of plenty solutions of associating business processes to deals.

APRO CRM is a SaaS cloud solution and is hosted by our servers. The CRM is flexible and can adjust to your business needs. You will be getting all the necessary assistance from your personal adviser while using the system