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Email Settings

Go to email settings by clicking the relevant icon on the "Emails" page:

Accounts (available to administrators only)

You can add your company email accounts here.


Send email messages with your personal signature. This option is available to any employee, even the one using a generic email account for several users:

1 — select the account to apply settings;

2 — enter the text to be shown as "Sender name";

3 — enter signature text;

4 — enable signature in any email sent by the user from a certain account;

5 — add the call from browser link to the signature text (telephony service must be activated):

6 — mark the messages opened by recipients in the list (please note: some mail clients used by your recipients do not support this function). This rule will become effective after it is activated and will only concern the outgoing messages sent afterwards:


You can set automated processing rules for incoming messages:


Any user can create customized email folders to group messages and attach messages to folders right from the email list:

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