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Setting Text / Digits Input Format for Fields (Input Mask)

You can set input parameters for any text or digit field in order to validate the content entered.

For instance, it is possible to set a text field for the format of +1 and any 10 digits (for phone numbers in the USA) or 4 letters and 3 digits (for license plate numbers in Europe), etc. The field will not accept the content entered in any other format.

To set an input mask, go to fields settings tab in Main menu — Settings — CRM — Contacts/Objects/Deals/Activities and tick "Use input mask" next to the field you need:

You will see mask creation box:

1 — field to enter the mask;
2 — examples of masks: use them to easily create the masks you need;
3 — comments about text/digit input format, that are displayed to the user filling a CRM object profile:

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