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CRM Access Settings

CRM settings allow flexible distribution of access permissions to CRM modules (objects, contacts, deals and activities) among system users.

Access permissions settings are available in the administration panel: Settings — CRM — Objects / Contacts / Activities / Deals — Access settings (upper tab):

You can choose to adjust access permissions in one of the following modes: simple and advanced. 

The advanced mode will allow you to set access permissions for each CRM module separately according to the group a certain object supervisor belongs to. 

In simple mode you can only adjust access to all CRM modules at a time, that is, grant/restrict access to all CRM objects, regardless of the group a certain object supervisor belongs to.

For example: John is supervisor Contact А. John belongs to CRM group 1.

Lisa belongs to CRM group 1, too, and David belongs to CRM group 2. 

Advanced settings will allow you to let Lisa see Contact А and restrict it for David, who would, however, see all other contacts.

You cannot perform the same settings in simple mode: here, you can only allow Lisa to see all the contacts, while David would see none.

Types of users and their roles

There are 3 types of users in the CRM access permissions table:

  • "Supervisor" (the employee assigned to the object in CRM object profile and responsible for it);
  • "Manager" (the employee of the "Manager" type belongs to the same CRM group as the supervisor, usually being the department manager);
  • "User" (all other employees in this CRM group, apart from the responsible ones).

Access permissions are distributed among these roles.

For example (see the screenshot below): these access settings allow editing the object by the supervisor only; supervisors can be changed by either of the departments managers:


Advanced mode settings

All the adjustments are performed in the consolidated access permissions table (see below):

First, select a group from LIST I. This list displays the access settings for CRM objects added by this group ONLY. The members of this group are the objects of access rules.

LIST II consists of those, whom the rules concern (that is, the subjects of access rules).

Access settings example is best illustrated in a table:


Access permissions page settings

Settings are performed for 2 types of users from each group and for the initiator, specifying what the object initiator can view and edit, as compared to what the others (CRM manager (department manager) or any other user from the initiator's department) can:

You can also add settings for a user out of the group to the table:

Access permissions for Excel export

You can grant your employees access to the Excel export of contacts/objects.

Go to "Access settings" for contacts or objects and click "Export settings":

Select the users to be granted the access to export:

Attention! Any user can only export the data they have viewing access to.

Restriction to remove supervisors

By default, any user can remove oneself as any CRM object supervisor or assign oneself responsible for the contact/object yet unassigned to any other user.

To restrict this option, deactivate editing for "Change supervisor" in the "Supervisor" column (see the screenshot below):

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