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Import/export of APRO CRM data

You can import/export APRO CRM data in Excel.

Import is only available to the users allowed to add/edit the CRM data (according to their access permissions). The user adding an object is automatically assigned to supervise it. Selecting the users to add/edit the CRM data is the prerogative of APRO CRM administrators.

Import/export of contacts

Import/export of contacts is performed from page "Contacts" (right sidebar):

Importing contacts

You can import an Excel file of any columns complexity and customize the correspondence of its columns to the fields in CRM contact profiles.

Click "Import" to open the import parameters:

— select the file you wish to import;

— select contact class: private individual / legal entity;

3 — select contact type;

4 — associate the contacts you are importing with a certain user/group;

5 — define the rule to settle the cases of the imported and the existing fields overlap;

6 — in case of fields overlap, contacts missing the content in obligatory fields will not be imported from the Excel file.

Go to next page to customize the correspondence of the columns in Excel file to the fields in contact profile:

CRM administrators can also refresh the existing CRM data. Go to "Update the existing" in the import settings, download sample file (1), edit it, save it, and import it back to the CRM (2). You can also tick "Consider obligatory fields" (3), in case you don't want to import contacts missing the content in obligatory fields from the Excel file:

Exporting contacts

Select the fields you want to export from contact profile to Excel and click "Export". This will send all the contacts from the current page to an Excel file, minding the fields you selected.

Export of objects
 has the same interface.

You can also export deals and activities assorted by their types. Make sure you select one type of deal/activity on the right sidebar of the deal/activity page by removing all the unnecessary types — and the button "Export" will appear in the lower right corner of the page:

Access to export

By default, exporting data from the CRM is only permitted to CRM administrators. To grant other users access to export, go to Main menu — Settings — CRM — Objects / Contacts / Activities / Deals — Access settings (upper tab):

Attention! Users with access permissions for export can only operate the data they have viewing access to (see access permissions for CRM groups). 

Downloading photos of objects

To import objects photos from an Excel file to the CRM, create the relevant column in the Excel file and fill out its cells with the URLs of the photos. You can store the photos on your website, so that they would be available for downloading without authorization. APRO CRM will download the photos from these URLs, when importing the Excel file.

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