April 2017 Updates

Customized desktop, customer service lines, new live chat, cross-cutting website analytics, intergration with virtual PABX of mobile operators, Webhook, etc.


New unique features. Create individual metrics and reports that your company requires and display them on the CRM desktop for a certain group of users.

Full list of desktop metrics

You can modify the desktop view for each user or department individually:

Customer success

This function allows to organize informational support lines for your clients.

Your clients can send messages to your company groups in social media and messengers. These requests will arrive to CRM customer support agents, who can chat with clients online in real time mode through Facebook, Instagram, live chat on website, external email messages, Viber, Skype and Telegram.

Connection instructions


  • New live chat 
    APRO CRM features live chat on website. It has now advanced settings, including flexible dialogue activation appointments, integration with business processes and merging with groups of customer support, getting feedback forms right to the CRM, etc. Read more
  • Website analytics 
    Install a special statistics script to associate detailed data about all customer requests sent from website (online forms or live chat messages) to this customer and analyze the source that brought the client to you, the pages they viewed, together with geo data, UTM tags, etc. This information is very useful for cross-cutting website analytics of advertising channels.
  • Webhook for API developers
    The system now allows subscription to any event. For instance, each time a new contact is created, a request containing this client details is sent to a certain address in real time mode.
  • In addition to already existing option for additional fields, there is now an option to set the basic fields of contact profile (name, phone number) as obligatory.
  • You can now select between types of contact: legal entity <-> private individual.

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