Christmas and New Year greetings from APRO CRM!


This year, we have come out with a few innovations: some of the current system functions have been improved, and a few new features have been introduced. Some of these updates are already available to you, others are on the way and will be at your disposal in 2 weeks.


new filter for contacts and objects


The filters in modules "Objects" ("Properties" — for real estate version) and "Contacts" have undergone significant improvements. It is easy now for each user to save the set of search fields individually for further usage. In addition, it has now become possible to save the filter parameters to be applied multiple times: for instance, studio apartments within a certain price range. This feature is soon to be expected in modules "Activities" and "Deals". Read more...

extended telephony capacities


APRO CRM telephony server was optimised to endure heavy loads (it is now possible to connect over 200 phone numbers within one contact profile). We also updated the PABX kernel to provide for a more stable connection.


interception of calls and current call status


Current calls are now also displayed in calls history. You can now see who of your colleagues is currently on the phone, and with whom. You can also adjust access permissions and allow certain groups users to intercept calls of other users, and check whether your colleague's line is busy before forwarding a call.


improvements and add-ons

  • Additional features and improvements in property-request matching.
  • New SMS campaign operators for integration.
  • Improvements in the settings and the format of email/push/browser notifications.
  • Colour tags for tasks for illustrative purposes.
  • Bulk editing of tasks.
  • Improvements in table reports.
  • Advanced settings for access permissions
  • Detailed statistics on the usage of system resources (for example, disk space, cloud volume, size of database). Read more...

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