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What Are CRM Modules?

CRM Modules comprise the four key CRM objects: Contacts, Deals, Activity and Database Objects.

Contacts represent everyone you deal with: partner companies, employees, private individuals (customers). All the information about a contact (their payment and contact details, various characteristics and parameters) is stored in contact profile. 

To add a company as a new contact, select Company as contact type and register all of its employees in the Linked Contacts tab:

You can add your company customers, its partners and clients as well as any other sort of contact details as new contacts.

The selection of fields in contact profile can be flexibly adjusted. You can also add add new types of contacts.

Contact profile is a cornerstone element in the CRM: all other CRM objects — activity, deals and database objects — are attached to it.

Deals represent all the sales in your company: the ones successfully closed and the incomplete ones (stuck at certain stages). You can build sales funnels and compile reports on each deal type. Deals should be attached to contacts.

Activity comprises any events about deals or other sorts of actions involving contacts. You can add meetings, calls, incoming queries from contacts, call center logs, showroom events, price quotes, etc. as new activities — depending on your business processes.

Add the activity types you need. It is convenient to filter activity types by deals, in order to reach all the history of employees actions about them. Activity should be attached to contact. 

Database Objects are your company products/services. You can store all the data about your products/services or organize a products/services catalogue/guide in this module.

For example: property catalogue for real estate, products database for retailers, contracts and cases catalogue for law firms, etc.

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