APRO CRM ensures consolidating and storing all client information in contact profile, including all client’s deals and activities, invoices, attached documents and user comments, as well as all sorts of client’s requests made by phone, email, social networks, messengers and online forms.

You can launch business processes related to a client right from their contact profile and monitor the existing business processes involving this client.

Contact profile makes it easy to call and send SMS messages, listen to calls recordings, generate a new document with client data automatically inserted in it, create tasks or event reminders. All these functions help simplify the management of your client database, store client data securely and raise customer loyalty.

Additional fields and user widgets make contact profile flexibly adjustable to your business needs.


Is it possible to get messages from clients in social networks?

Yes, you just need to connect your groups or pages in social networks (Facebook, Instagram) or Viber/Skype messengers to the CRM. Read the instructions about CRM integration with social networks.


Can APRO CRM collect the data from the online forms on our website?

You can either set integration with the existing online forms on your website, or generate new forms in the CRM and place them on your website. In addition to getting website visitor’s details and request, you will also see the website browsing statistics of this user. Use this data for end-to-end analytics and predict conversion from the source of lead (contextually targeted advertising, for instance) to deal closure in the CRM.


Can I quickly upload my contacts to the CRM?

You can either resort to Excel import or to automatic API upload. You can also import the data from other CRM systems by using the relevant application.


How do you provide for secure client database storage?

APRO CRM guarantees high level of security: all data is transmitted via secure protocols and undergoes recurrent back-up, the access to servers is strictly limited. On your end, data security and protection can be provided by setting user access permissions, introducing access restrictions by IP address, and logging all user activity. You can also schedule regular data back-up, including sending an email/FTP report.


How to customize contact profile?

Additional fields parameters are very diverse: you can create obligatory fields, associated fields (selecting one field value triggers certain optional values for another), hidden fields (triggered by certain values in another field), set default field values, input masks, customized rules for fields processing and use integration with other services and databases. Read more about adjusting profile fields here.


APRO CRM is a SaaS cloud solution and is hosted by our servers. The CRM is flexible and can adjust to your business needs. You will be getting all the necessary assistance from your personal adviser while using the system