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Guided CRM wizard (basic functions)

In APRO CRM you can flexibly adjust access permissions and functions for users within companies of all sizes.

Here are the basic preliminary settings of the system:

1. Adjust company profile.


2. Build company structure and introduce access permissions for corporate portal:

  • Add departments (observing the hierarchy of departments subordination).
  • Add branches (divided geographically).

    Instructions on company structure

  • Please note: the criteria stated above are only applicable to corporate portal (Intranet), departments and branches settings.
    For example, you can grant a certain department viewing access to an Intranet section, while reserving the editing access to it for only one user. Or, for instance, you can open user profiles for viewing to a number of selected users and hide them for all others.

    Instructions on access permissions

3. Create/edit the types of CRM elements you require and specify the selection of fields for them.


4. Adjust CRM user groups and distribute access permissions to contact/object/activity/deal profiles among them:

    1. Divide users into groups with different access permissions for CRM elements. Create a new CRM group for each one using these instructions.
    2. Allocate users to the relevant groups.
    3. Assign supervisor/(-s) for each group of users by selecting "Manager" as user type in user profile (see user profile settings).
    4. Set access permissions for each CRM user group following these instructions.


5. Select supervisors to monitor the tasks of other users (even if they do not participate in them), using these instructions.


6. If you have IP telephony connected (see telephony settings), specify the groups of users to see the calls of other users (even if they do not participate in the corresponding call scripts) — see instructions.


7. Integrate your email accounts.


8. Set access restrictions by IP address.


9. Adjust reports and CRM dashboard.


10. Adjust document templates and access permissions for them.


11. Set up system reminders, organizer and notifications.


12. Adjust additional functions: campaigns, SMS notifications, etc.


13. Set up business processes and logging (records of all user activity in the CRM).

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APRO CRM is a SaaS cloud solution and is hosted by our servers. The CRM is flexible and can adjust to your business needs. You will be getting all the necessary assistance from your personal adviser while using the system